Looking for small, or financially struggling IRC networks to join up with our network infastructure.

Mozor is willing to take on small networks (up to 200 users) that are unable to pay for their hosting, or just no longer desire to maintain their IRCd. We all know life sometimes gets in the way of doing the things you love. I understand this and want to help network operators out there by bringing in your network. Look at it as IaaS (infrastructure as a service) with no cost involved.
We can merge services databases if they are in a format that is exportable and it’ll be like nothing changed.

If you’re interested, please drop me a line to zach@mozor.net, or just pop in IRC and join #mozor.

Visit us on Facebook

We’ve updated our Facebook Fan Page! Make sure to visit Mozor on Facebook!

Round 2

We’ve got round 2 of voting on Zach over on howlongwillzachlast.com.

IdleRPG Is Changing

After making small modifications on the IdleRPG base for years to customize it for Mozor, Richard and NeWtoz are working on a rewrite of IdleRPG, in order to more easily add new features, and to properly share our work. If you’d like to help out, take a look at the repository for mRPG.

Mozor Short Links

We’ve opened up our postgres powered URL Shortening Service for our members! Surf over to 0x8.us and use away! Additionally you can use go.mozor.net too :-)

Want to help test our new servers?

So you want to help Mozor out? Test our new servers out please.

in mIRC

/server -m test.irc.mozor.net

in xChat

/newserver test.irc.mozor.net